Message from Desk

Greetings from Deputy Commissioner’s Office!

With immense pleasure and great pride I have assumed the Office of Deputy Commissioner today and working with you shall be a great joy and learning experience.

You all have been leading your teams to the best of your capabilities, still, the challenges are many. The biggest challenge that education in Global scenario is facing today is that of Quality. Hence, the prime responsibility of an educational leader is to provide quality education.

Some of the most important quality dimensions in respect of school education are:-

  • Basic Infrastructure facilities in school
  • School and classroom environment
  • Classroom practices and procedures

Keeping these dimensions in mind, I would expect that you as a school leader shall focus on the following:-

  • Nurturing a vibrant ambience in the Institution.
  • Ensuring pro-active participation of all partners in the Institution viz. students, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, persons and organizations interested in the Institution.
  • Creating awareness that school is a holistic learning experience.

In order to achieve the above stated objectives, few areas, where your personal attention is sought are enumerated:-


  • Providing basic amenities
  • Potable water
  • Clean and hygienic toilets
  • Fire-Safety equipments
  • Barrier free access
  • Playgrounds


  • Promotion of Science Education
  • Language development programme
  • Monitoring of EQUIP & CMP for implementation in the right earnest
  • Providing Resources viz. NCERT Publications, IT enabled classes, classroom speakers for long activities etc.
  • Teachers should be aware of learning indicators as prescribed by NCERT (Link available on KVS, RO RAIPUR website)
  • Leading & encouraging innovation
  • Effective & meaningful functioning of Library
  • Effective counseling (through AEP & such similar activities)


  • Quality in Supervision & Monitoring
  • Management of information and Data
  • Teacher development programme
  • Effective involvement of Alumni

As is evident, list is exclusive and not exhaustive.

With your wholehearted enthusiasm and co-operation, I am sure you would achieve targets by optimizing the resources available.